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Industry 4.0, Training & Simulation

WhiteQuest announces a fundraising of 100,000 euros from the Alsace Business Angels investment fund to accelerate its development.

The company, until then specialized in the training of the staff working in clean rooms of pharmaceutical production, starts an ambitious plan of development and diversification. It is expanding its tailor-made virtual reality and augmented reality training solutions to other industrial fields, including equipment manufacturers and machine tool manufacturers, in the dynamics of the “factory of the future”.
Thanks to WhiteQuest’s educational know-how, they will be able to train their customers more effectively and safely in the management and maintenance of their sophisticated products, anywhere in the world, at a controlled cost.

Strasbourg – November 5, 2016. WhiteQuest, a French company specializing in the design of innovative educational tools for industry personnel, today announced a fundraising event to support the first phase of an ambitious development plan.
The company’s know-how resides particularly in the design of training tools for personnel working in hostile environments: dangerous, contaminants or confined.
WhiteQuest is supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
The effectiveness of its products is proven and has already been the subject of numerous scientific publications. Its experts are regularly asked to intervene in international conferences.
WhiteQuest started its activity in 2013 in the world of clean room production of drugs. The team is also working today for customers in the hospital, nuclear and ultra-clean sectors.
The objective of this development plan is to accelerate the diversification already started and to open up the know-how of the company to the manufacturers of industrial equipments who have difficulties to train their customers to the grip, the daily use and maintenance of their sophisticated products.

“Several equipment manufacturers spontaneously contacted us to help them. Their customers are around the world, sometimes in high-risk countries like Afghanistan, Bolivia or Kenya for example. Sending a trainer on site to train 3 to 5 technicians is very expensive and often proves to be useless as the turnover of staff is important for their clients.
For these equipment manufacturers, we design effective training tools that replace the 5,000-page English manuals that production technicians do not read, “explains Guillaume Ebelmann, President of WhiteQuest.

The goal is to secure production and maintenance operations for the benefit of the equipment manufacturer and its customers.

What does WhiteQuest offer?

This type of project always starts with a thorough analysis of the knowledge and know-how to be mastered. The identified elements are then transformed into educational content adapted to the target audiences, both in substance (technical and scientific popularization) and in form, emphasizing concrete simulation and learning through experimentation. “This educational analysis represents 70% of the effectiveness and success of the project,” adds Guillaume Ebelmann.

For example, technicians can first train on a virtual model of equipment: repeat and memorize procedures before reproducing them in real life, observe the consequences of handling or adjustment errors.

They can then be guided step by step, in augmented reality, in the conduct of maintenance operations, in synchronous or not synchronous communication with the assistance teams of the equipment supplier, located at the other end of the world.

Everything is modular. The technologies to be used are chosen according to educational needs, not the other way around.


produits_whitequestVisuals available on request, photo credit: © WhiteQuest 2016

About WhiteQuest

WhiteQuest SAS is a French Young Innovative Company (JEI), based in Erstein, near Strasbourg, specializing in EDTech – innovative technologies for education. Its team of educators, researchers and engineers invents the future of training and evaluation of the technical staff of the industry.


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