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WhiteQuest: Company presentation

Created in 2013, the WhiteQuest company is located in Erstein, near Strasbourg. Its historical core business consists of creating digital training sessions intended for pharmaceutical companies. It is comprised of experts in educational sciences and experts in IT development.

In 2015, WhiteQuest carried out the launch of its first major creation: the “LabQuest” Serious game, the first GMP simulation training software for pharmaceutical companies working in a controlled atmosphere area. Scientifically recognised for its efficacy and used today by numerous production sites, this product earned the WhiteQuest company the Numeric Alsace 2017 prize.

In 2017, WhiteQuest diversified and embraced the Industry 4.0, a strategic shift in its story. Today the company offers to share its educational and digital alliance with all industries, by offering them digital tools with a commercial and educational aim.

Young and dynamic, WhiteQuest is dedicated to delivering creative, innovative and quality products. A true ally for companies in their digital transformation, the company differentiates itself through its dual skills: IT and education. The customers benefit from quality and ergonomic products and are accompanied in their digital change management. Offering close proximity to a reactive team and access to all our products are guaranteed.
Aware of problems of sustainable development, WhiteQuest offers its customers ecological solutions that are environmentally friendly.

Its values: quality, pedagogic innovation, reactivity, accessibility.