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The WhiteQuest strategy: to make the digital transmission of information accessible to all

Today the WhiteQuest company is developing in two sectors: training, through its educational expertise, and 3D IT development, through its digital expertise. The company is committed to achieving synergy between its two entities, in order to make complex processes accessible, in an ergonomic and clean way, on one screen.

In a world where technology develops at an exponential rate, WhiteQuest has been helping manufacturers to make the leap to 4.0. Conscious of problems of change management brought about by the all-digital world, it remains convinced of its importance, whether it be environmental or economic.
Consequently, with the help of the products offered, the company shows its customers that digitalisation is an effective solution for conveying all sorts of messages. The team knows how to consider everyone’s constraints and create effective and adapted solutions. It is conscious of the importance of providing products which are accessible to all, and always considers improving ergonomics.
The transmission of information at WhiteQuest is the result of the creativity of its teams, its ability to popularise information and the innovation of cutting-edge technologies.

At WhiteQuest, we innovate, we create, we design, we capture, we retain, we simplify, we adapt, we re-transcribe, we develop and all with the aim of bringing the customer the best possible return on investment.

There are many advantages and we are always seeking to provide more:
Gains in training times;
Gains in product deployment time;
Gains in customer meeting time;
Gains in repair time;
Gains in production shutdown time following a breakdown;
Gains in training times linked to environment immersion;
Gains in security: reduction and anticipation of risks;
Better customer satisfaction;
Better company image;
Increase in personnel motivation.

Our aim: to guarantee optimal efficiency for all our solutions, with all the advantages presented above. We prove that the products presented in interactive 3D will always be more meaningful than simple photos or videos. To be able to own a product and view the achievable actions as a result of this remains significantly more effective than a simple paper copy.

Finally, we want to help every company to give an innovative, lasting, environmentally friendly and qualitative image to its customers, through our products.