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Sales tools

WhiteQuest offers you the creation of interactive 3D models of your products, of your production line, or of your work environment from CAD files or simple shots and plans. Better than photos or videos, you have the opportunity to directly interact with the product, as you see fit, to show the aspects you desire.

3D modelling photo-video, Revolutionise your sales approach by directly presenting your products:

View and interact with your machines, operational or stopped.
Carry out numerous actions via a simple click: Zoom in, zoom out, change the rate, open a case, display a technical diagram, present the machine from all angles.
Have your digital catalogue permanently on hand, always up to date, on computer, tablet, smartphone or widescreen touch screen for exhibits.

Optimise your customer meetings

Simplify your technical commercial message.
Configure bespoke versions in a few seconds during meetings.
Show the product in operation.
Place it into a situation (virtual) with the customer.
Quickly show all of your products: convert your prospects into customers more easily.

Economise during trips

Don’t move your machines during exhibits, a simple touch screen is enough, guaranteed to make an impression.
Permanently have all products available to your salespersons, always up to date, in all necessary languages.

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Facilitate the use of your equipment with our digital instruction:

Combining 3D modelling with pedagogic skill, it’s our core business at WhiteQuest.
Finished are the paper or PDF files that no one wants to read. A simple click on part of the equipment gives you access to a simplified view of its operation.

We recover your paper or PDF manuals, as well as your photos and design simplified instructions which are adapted to your target, in the format of short and explicit texts, diagrams or videos. We integrate these instructions into your 3D modelling: a simple screen summarises dozens of pages of content.
You have the opportunity to add or to remove content at any time, depending on your priorities and your needs.

The advantages of equipping yourself with digital instructions:

Improve the understanding of how your products work.
Optimise the use of equipment.
Train users to carry out the optimal deployment and maintenance of your products.
Reduce breakdowns thanks to better use.
Save time when training your personnel.
Remove linguistic and cultural distances and difficulties.

Reproduce a complete production line.
Configure your equipment as you see fit.

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