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The transmission of WhiteQuest know-how

At WhiteQuest, we know that the know-how held by the best members are often not or else are poorly transferred.

Why is one employee more efficient than another? How do they optimise their time? Their actions? Why is their work of better quality and carried out more quickly than that of others? And above all, why are they unable to explain their “best practices” to their colleagues?

More often than not, after years of experience, the job is more of a reflex than a conscious action and it becomes impossible for the employee to explain the reasons for their efficacy. But this know-how is a gold mine for each company and often represents its keys for success: its profitability, the quality of its products and its services.

You want to retain and transfer the know-how acquired through experience simply and quickly to your new arrivals?

So capture this know-how with the help of our pedagogical experts. Our personnel, who are experts in learning sciences, use scientifically proven education methods. It is through discussions, observations, studies, that they will be able to put words to reflexes, actions, visual stimuli or feelings. To provide you with personalised training sessions that are adapted to your needs.

The advantages of transferring know-how:

Retain the best practices which make your best members effective.
Preserve the know-how of seniors: guarantee the longevity of your know-how.

Save time when training your new arrivals.
Make your personnel quicker, more independent and efficient.
Reduce your turnover.

Gain service quality and profitability.

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