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Digital tools

Say “yes” to digital… and enter into the industry 4.0

With WhiteQuest digital tools, you can view and interact with your plant, your production lines and your equipment, in 3 dimensions.
We create real virtual twins: contrary to paper documents or videos, here you can interact with the products, observe what is hidden behind a case, view the product from all angles, shutdown or in use.
The man-machine interaction is extremely simple and crosses linguistic boarders.
All formats are possible: computer, tablet, smartphone, widescreen touch screen for exhibits.

Why go digital?

Invest in a long-term tool.

Gain in time, visibility and understanding.
Allow you customers to better understand how your products work.
Shorten the search for information for your users, customers or technicians.
Reduce breakdowns, allow users to gain autonomy.

Improve your customer service and your commercial approach.
Expand your distribution network.
Give an innovative image, at the cutting edge of technology.

Participate in sustainable development: reduce printing costs.
Make your collaborators and customers aware of environmental challenges: Contribute to an environmentally friendly approach by going paperless.

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