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We are always very proud to share our experience with the public.

Below is a list of all our upcoming speeches and keynotes.
Do not hesitate to join us!


09/03: Bizz and Buzz (Colmar, FR) – Using the VR and the AR in formation
17-19 / 03: Hacking Health Camp (Strasbourg, FR) – HappyExam project
23/03: Laval Virtual VRIC Workshop # 3 (Laval, FR) – Result of a scientific study on the motivational impact of the use of augmented reality in training
27-31 / 03: Scientific Congress (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) – Explaining LabQuest’s design, from a scientific point of view
06/04: Rafale network (Strasbourg, FR) – Skills development thanks to the serious game
31/05: SFSTS (Strasbourg, FR) – Digital technology at the service of the healthcare industry
05: “Locomotives” Club (Mulhouse, FR) – Scientific methods or tools available to record know-how and develop effective training tools.
06-09 / 06: EIAH Congress (Strasbourg, FR) – Result of a scientific study on the effectiveness of augmented reality in learning
14-15 / 06: industry exhibition of the future (Mulhouse, FR) – Presentation of our know-how Notice 4.0 – Augmented reality and virtual immersion conformity control
29/06: Innovation and Skills Forum (Obernai, FR) – Gamification and digital learning
04-06 / 10: GERPAC Congress (Giens, FR) – confidential subject for the moment.

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